Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dubai Aquarium in Dubai Mall, Dubai

The fun is still there in Dubai Mall but in this section I’ll talk about one of best entertainment that they have a lot of TV shows hot topics let’s give it a rest to Dubai Aquarium in Dubai Mall.

In only 105 DHS. You will discover the underwater tunnel, the upstairs park for wildlife and the boat ride. Let’s start with the underwater tunnel witch you will enter this amazing tunnel filled with the aquamarine life around you the blue will let you feel calm you will ever experience it so beautiful and my picture proves it.

Next in the tour they will ask you to go upstairs to visit the zoo not a huge zoo a small one filled with wildlife that is connected with the water and the ground like Penguins & Beavers and some rare aquamarine that you can’t see it in the aquamarine itself like Piranhas& Electric Rays.

After exploring the zoo you will get a boat ride you will be given a life jacket and ride with bunch of people on a boat the park employer will give you a ride in the tank so you can see the aquamarine life up close and feed them don’t worry you will be provided with a food cup so you can feed the fish and see them moving under your feet. In the aquarium there is a restaurant nearby that you can enjoy your food in the wild from aside while watching the aquamarine from the other don’t worry the animals in the restaurant are robotic but the aquamarine life is very real

There is a diving experience in Dubai Aquarium and it about 850 DHS. but I couldn’t do it because the shortness of time and money for it but there is another visit to Dubai soon in the future and when I’m there I’ll do it and talk about it and enjoy this amazing adventure just like I’ve enjoyed it for the first time (^_^).

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